New Project - WIP UDP Client sample - Fails

I created a new Open-AT Project, selected the WIP UDP Client sample, and the resulting project does not build:

This seems to be the same bug as with the QueryApp C-GPS sample:

M2M studio has failed to include the required Plugin! :angry:

This doesn’t seem systematic, as we can’t reproduce it.
Can you reproduce it in a clean workspace?


Maximum attachments reached; to be continued…


The fact that the plugin is checked, but greyed, here seems to be the key to the problem.


… continued:

QED. 8)

Ok, I get it: there is a (quite well hidden) bug in the wizard’s last page (the plug-ins selection one).

Actually, the WIP checkbox is grayed because of the sample selection (a plug-in is automatically selected when a sample requiring it is used on the previous page). But the checkbox click handler is bugged, and disables the selection (without visual feedback) when it is grayed :confused:
If you don’t click on the checkbox, you don’t have the bug anymore…
Actually, you don’t even need to go to the last page (since the plug-in is in fact selected thanks to the sample selection), and click Finish on the sample selection page will also work.

For information, the wizard has been redesigned in 1.1.2, and this bug won’t exist anymore.