OPUS-I Samples do not build cleanly - if at all!

The “Simple Sample” (no aiding) builds with 23 warnings:

The GPRS-Aided sample builds with 58 warnings:

The Time-Aided sample does not build at all due to 8 errors:

Come on, guys, this is just not acceptable!

No wonder it says there’s no guarantee of “merchantability” !

The AppGetNmeaVTG function does not get a VTG sentence - it gets a GLL sentence instead!

That’s clearly a copy-and-paste error but, even then, the name is misleading because it also does other important things - like flashing the LED.

There are far too many inappropriately-named functions like that. :unamused:

it builds :exclamation: … Ship it :exclamation: :mrgreen:

But the Time-Aided (“QueryApp”) sample doesn’t even build at all!

(The reason is that it doesn’t include the needed-plug-ins - after fixing that it builds with 30 warnings!)