Nemo/dmnr info - vpn tunnel

I have plans to use DMNR to establish a connection between RV55 and a remote PC, which will provide remote access (from PC’s) to the Server located at the LAN Side of the RV55.

I had spend mostly 2 days trying to obtain the IP address of the Home Agent (available from your Mobile Network Operator) without success.

Does anybody know whom may I contact in Verizon Business to obtain that parameter?

There is an optimal method to implement a Tunnel?

Thanks for your feedback.


You can contact Verizon here.

Please ask for all parameters which are related to the network operator such as Home Agent Address, N-MHAE-SPI, N-MHAE-KEY…


You should already have a Mobile Private Network enabled for DMNR. Assuming you do, all Verizon Home Agents have an IP of