Need more virtual ports?

I’ve got my q2686 and openat 4.23. The OS version is 6.63c.
So I have GPRS connection made from OpenAT (1 virtual port), I use UART1 for debugging purposes (+1 virtual port), UART2 for communication with external device and I do not write traces - just adl_atSendResponse(…_RSP, …)
This all works fine until I tried to make data call. When I use OpenAT virtual port to answer incoming data call, it seems that I do not have any. I’ve got a lot of traces with some kind of message about opening openat port. When I use GSM port to answer the call, I receive traces with message that this port is not availaible.
So what I can do? Block all debugging messages during data call? Or break GPRS connection?
Please help.