Navigation performance of C-GPS

Hello folks,

Have you done navigation tests using c-gps? What is the performance compered to other advanced chips like SirfstartIII or u-blox TiM4 moduls?

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hi Dude,

C-GPS is based on Opus 1 (eRide) core and their solution works pretty well. I compared it to Sirf SIII on a simulator (Spirent).

Merely, TTFF cold is slightly better than the SIII and similar for warm and hot starts. For tracking, SiRF solution seems the best in theory but you still need at least 1 sat better than -142 dBm to fix :smiling_imp: . For the Opus, the sensitivity is not as good but you can set all sat up to -157 dBm for decoding which happens when you enter in a tunnel.

Thanks TLY for the answer,

I rather interested in the accuracy of the position and other measured datas. I will receive soon a C-GPS test panel and a side-by-side navigation test will be made with SirfstarIII.

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