Multiple context GPRS connection

I’ve a WMP100 and I’ve writed an application that uses WIPLib to connect via GPRS to a server and do some operations. This application is working correctly.
But now, I want to connect a PC to internet via USB using the same WMP100 which is running the app explained before. The pc is connected to a WM100 and using Expresso I can see that is correctly configured.
I’ve read that i can setup a new PDP context on usb port and then connect PC using second context.

Can you help me?? or have anybody done it before??

I spoke to my distributor and said to me that is possible but doesn’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance

I guess Sierra Wireless modules can simultaneously support 2 PDP sessions.So once you have
setup a PDP context on a UART using Wiplib you can create a new PDP context on USB by providing
AT+CGDCONT=2,“IP”,"…the APN"
After this you can start up a normal dial up connection using the COM port which you are using for your USB.

Thank you!
I’ll try it and post my results.