MQTT-SN support

Does HL78 series support MQTT-SN protocol, or are there plans to support in future?

Hi jan.bogaert,

Currently, there is no plan from Sierra to support MQTT-SN on HL7800.


Hi Jerdung,

thank you for your quick response. Any other product which does support/plans to support MQTT-SN?
Looking for NBIoT/CatM (band20) module.


Hi jan.bogaert,

I would to say that I have checked all products on Sierra source page but there is no info about MQTT-SN.


Hi Jan

You could try the WP7702 module and implement the protocol on it’s application processor.

Potential downsides

  • Cost
  • power
  • Legato learning curve
  • boot time

Potential upside

  • May be possible to implement a lot more in the application processor than just the protocol as it has a Linux + app framework OS