Module restarting


Hi All
I downloaded the code (in that code I have use AD memory) and give at+wopen=1 , it started restsrting , nothing is working after that , it is restarting in infinite while loop even on terminal emulator , it is showing no match .

Can any body tell the solution .


One more module is there in which other features are working fine , but the Ad memory is not partitioning , it always shows 0 .

only the application side it decreses according to wat partition we do like ::

+WOPEN: 6,128,1472
+WIND: 13

it does not return OK

after giving at+wopen=6

+WOPEN: 6,0,1472


+WOPEN: 6,1024,576
+WIND: 13

at+wopen=6 gives
+WOPEN: 6,0,576