Program reset problem



I wrote a program which open the uart2. I works fine but suddenly it does restart the modul when I call at+wopen=1. The first thing what my program do reseting the modul. If I put the adl_main nothing or just one row the same happen. I reflash my modem I the problem returns. I don’t understand. Anybody has some idea?


ans:— I think the bytes you are reciveing are more than your buffer size assigned in Data Handler . Either increase your Buffer Size. You can use Timer to check after how much time you received the bytes . So yoy have to subscribe and unsubscribe it . You can assign a global flag to check flow control off or on and you can check with Printf statement. you can send code to rectify the problem . :unamused:


ans:---- you can increase your buffer size assigned in Data handler. You can subscribe Timer that to check after how much time delay you are receving your bytes. Also focus on Your Data Event Handler. You can assign global flag like FC flag to check whether serial flow control opened or not and verify with PrintF statement. :unamused: