Module emulator


Is there an wireless module emulator which can be used to test/debug code when I do not have the actual module connected to my laptop?
I guess this requires code to be built to windows/intel processor platform and then run this on wireless module emulator for windows.
Otherwise I can not test/debug when I do not acess to the wireless module.

Eg Nokia phones have emulator which can be used for test/debug without connecting the actual phone.



No - unfortunately there isn’t.

The so-called “Remote” (RTE) mode still requires the module to be connected.

Yes, that would be required.

Yes, I’m afraid that is true!

I suspect that you are comparing apples to oranges here…


Thanks awneil
Now I will work on alternate plan, focus on architecture/features for now. :slight_smile:


If you are waiting for custom hardware to be designed and/or built, you could get a Fastrack, and use that as a “testbed” while you’re waiting.

It would be a worhtwhile investment anyhow - a Fastrack is always a useful thing to have around, IMO! 8)