How to Debug the code?

I am unable to debug my code its giving error GDB hardware error .
what is the problem .
for debugging purpose i have to install any other software?
please reply.
i am waiting for u r reply…



Do you connect the hardware (Wireless CPU) to PC?


yes i connected my hardware to pc.i am able to run application on target system. i am unable to debug .
can u tell me procedure how to debug code i read cheat sheet samething i did i got error
gdb hardware error…
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i don’t think you should debug using the GDB hardware debugger, unless you have the the appropriate hardware to debug with. (eg. an external jtag device connected to your wavecom module)
to debug your code i would reccomend to use the TRACE and DUMP macro’s and use the traces view provided in the target management view


In your project you must use the RTE configuration for Debug purposes. In Win32 when you run it, the ‘Remote Tasks Monitor’ application is launched, then clicking the ‘Start’ button starts your application for debugging.

You can also debug in Target mode - using the Traces.

ya i got it thank you for u r replies.
thank you…

I have a related question!

I used DUMP to show short-sized buffers, like 100, 200 bytes, maximum 1024; but now I want to see the contents of PCMbuffer, in sample “PCM speak Play”

so its size is about 258000= 80,000, so the page refresh isn’t so fast to show it, just the same 1024bytes can be shown.

I also tried another way, I mean I divided the size into shorter packets and just use DUMP in IrqLowLevelInterrupt of PCM, i.e each 20msec it should show me 320bytes; but it doesn’t work :confused:

I don’t know what to do now, because I really need to check the received values, byte by byte, not by listening to them!!!

any idea?