Modem communicate through cdc-wdm

i’m trying to make a tool can communicate with modem module through read/write /dev/cdc-wdmX.
i did some research, and there is nothing helpful.
is there any example i can study?


So you are trying to use the open source drivers and SDK and command/control the unit (which unit) using QMI?



thanks for your reply @mlw

i’m trying to build my own tool to control /dev/cdc-wdm using mbim, just like mbimcli or mmcli( ModemManager ).

i understand it is kind of reinvent the wheel, but there is some special application i’ll try to build after i can read/write /dev/cdc-wdm .

i study libmbim source code for a while, and it build all the communication process base on glib.

i prefer not to use glib and i’m unfamiliar with this.

i also found another example build with uloop, and i’m starting to study it.

is there any example can read/write cdc-wdm without using glib or uloop?

this will help me understand the process of communicate with cdc-wdm using mbim.


Unfortunately there is no easy, how to guide, to re invent the wheel with regards what you are asking to do as it is beyond the scope of most individuals, especially given it already exists.



i get it, thanks anyway.

I assume you are talking about the cdc-wdm device exported by the cdc_mbim driver? That’s just a dumb MBIM message transport. The MBIM message format is documented by the USB-IF. You can download the latest version of the spec here:

@kevin, you can take a look at “SampleApps/lite-fw-download/” with the latest SLQS SDK. It has a util for using MBIM. You can use that as a starting point.