Lite-mbim signal strength

Hi lads.

I’m am using EM9191 modem on Sierra Wireless EM919x dev kit for testing purposes. EM9191 is set up to use MBIM interface (!USBCOMP states RMNET not supported - which is not completely true but it is unrelated to my post). To get modem up and running on my Linux machine I’ve written simple C program that uses lite-mbim library from MPBL. I’m able to establish network connection and it works as expected. EDIT: What C program misses out on is ability to query QoS data.

However, by inspecting lite-mbim I realized there is no method for obtaining QoS data (e.g. signal strength based on RSSI or similar). QoS data is important for testing (I’m sure not just for me). I also took a look into lite-qmi lib and there, interestingly enough, I found methods for obtaining signal strength.

So my question is how can I obtain QoS data in current set up?

Unfortunately lite-mbim source code is closed, no chance in expanding it myself. Any way of preforming QMI requests over MBIM? And AT commands would be last resort. I’m not keen on using 2 interfaces simultaneously.

Thx in advance

how about this?

mbimcli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --query-signal-state

Well it is an option but as mentioned in my 1st post I have small C program that handles connection. What C program misses out on is ability to query QoS data.

C program is based on lite-mbim library from Sierra included in MBPL. If I’m going to use mbimcli I’m basically using another mbim library (libmbim from freedesktop). So using libraries of the same type is bit inconsistent don’t you think so?

will you consider to use AT command then?