The description of ADL_STR_NO_STRING in adl_str.h (repeated verbatim in the ADL User Guide) is misleading:

ADL_STR_NO_STRING doesn’t really indicate that the string is not known - just that it’s not included in the “standard” strings.

eg, “+COPS:” would hardly be considered “unknown” in the literal sense, but it gets the ADL_STR_NO_STRING id! :confused:

So why is “+COPS:” still not in the “standard” strings list?! :angry:

Why isn’t there an equivalent of wm_strGetParameterString to extract the response names (like +COPS:) that aren’t included in the “standard” list?! :angry: :angry:

Personally I find it easier to just use custom functions that provides the same functionality but that you can extend on your own instead of relying on Wavecom…