Mini Greenhouse M2M demo at EWC 2013

If you passed by Sierra Wireless booth at Embedded World Congress this year, you may have seen & played with this nice greenhouse M2M application using an Arduino, an AirLink GX400 gateway, the AirVantage M2M Cloud, and an Android application on a tablet, to remotely monitor the temperature, light and humidity, and control the greenhouse roof.

Note that this M2M application:

  • uses open source M2M protocol and embedded framework,
  • is programmed in Lua,
  • can run on both cheap open hardware (which is perfect for a mockup!), and industrialized gateways & routers like Sierra Wireless ones (like in real life industry projects),
  • and does not require you to be expert in embedded software programming.

If you aim at replicating it or just having a detailed look at it, all you need is here.

Comments & questions welcome!