Migration guide EM92xx does not mention change of voltage ranges of VBUS_SENSE

There is the migration guide
41114768 EM92 Migration Guide r3.pdf

I just compared
41113174 EM91XX-EM7690 Product Technical Specification r8.pdf
[41114313] EM92XX Product Technical Specification r1.pdf

VBUS_SENSE (pin 22) has a range from MIN 1.6V to MAX 5.25V for EM91 (page 26).
VBUS_SENSE (pin 22) has a range from MIN 2.0V to MAX 5.25V for EM92 (page 25).

Can you clarify if MIN 2.0V for EM92 is correct? Would 1.8V also be enough?
As far as I know pin 22 is a regular GPIO on M.2 with voltage level of 1.8V.
Putting the suggested 2.0V (and more) would be out of spec. for M.2 interface?

Hi @martin.maurer,

So, please just help to follow that official document from Sierra and if you faced any issues, please let me know.