MG90 losing wifi

We have multiple MG90s in all of our ambulances. We have one unit that will shut off its wifi until the box is rebooted. Looking for any troubleshooting tips for this.

Hi @Mcrittenden,

  • What Airlink OS version is your MG90 running?

  • Among the other devices that are working fine, is there any with the same Wi-Fi configuration as the MG90 experiencing issues?

  • Currently, after rebooting, does the device operate as expected or does it still lose Wi-Fi connectivity?

  • Please share screenshots of the configuration between the working and the problematic devices:

    **Screenshots from:
    - tab Devices > Wifi,
    - tab WAN > Wifi Networks and show the Wifi Network Configuration,
    - tab WAN > Links

  • Additionally, please go to Logs > Current Logs, find the wifi.log, download it and share with me.