Melody 7.3 remote commands over SPP

Just started to play with 7.3, after using 6.1.5 I’ve changed all the obvious things so that it works, however I can no longer send commands remotely over SPP as I did in 6.1.5
Previously if I send "STATUS ", the remote SPP link would show the status of my BC127. Now the BC127 just shows RECV 7 STATUS \0D
Any ideas what i have to do to get this to work again?

FYI Melody 7.2 works OK. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the new REM_CMD, but there is no documentation available for this.

Any news on this - when do you expect the Melody 7.3 documentation to be made available? The v7.3 code seems to have been released 6 months ago.

Still waiting for news on this from May 28th. Should I direct the question elsewhere? If so please let me know who to.


Sometimes you get support, other times you don’t. My distributor sucks at responding, so I just let most issues go and find a work around.

But really, you should go through your distributor.


Thanks, I’ll do this and wait some more… :slight_smile:

@mlw, any news on the melody 7.3 documentation? I’m sticking with 7.2 currently and assuming 7.3 is defective because it hasn’t been documented properly, but the bug fixes in 7.3 would be useful.

Any insight would be welcome.


Working on the team to get more information, as @tass2001 has said it seems there was a change with regards this functionality between 7.2 and 7.3 which is reflected in the release notes. From what I can see at the very least the service has been restricted to BTC (where the melody classic app does not support remote AT commands) so they do notwork over BLE.

I have tested 7.2 as @tass2001 has and it works as before in this release.



Thanks Matt, appreciated.