MC8790 Secondary PDP routing problem


I am working with MC8790V. My aim is to route the VoIP SIP signal and RTP packet with separate tunnels. For that I have created two PDP contexts with AT commands, one is primary (For SIP signaling with interactive QoS traffic class) another once is secondary (For RTP traffic with Streaming QoS traffic class and TFT). GTP tunnel, RAB and NSAP everything is created well. From VoIP application the SIP signal is coming from port number 5060 and the RTP packets coming port range from 10000 to 10010.

        But the traffic (SIP signal and RTP packets) is going through primary tunnel only. 

I have just bound the pppd address with the VoIP application. I did not write any routing script for this. I hope the modem will handle the packets with different QoS classes.

Why RTP is not routing to secondary PDP? Where I am doing mistake?

I am struggling with this problem more than one month. Any help appreciated…

Thank you



My guess to separate routing has to be done by the VoIP application or more likely the network/routing layer.
MC8790 just work as a modem to send and receive data, it know nothing about the content.

VoIP application should specify the 2nd PDP context for RTP, or it is job of route table. If no specified route, it will go thru the default gateway/route.

Also take a look of traffic flow template to see if you can work out both SIP and RTP on same context which seem more common.