Default route is not created for the second EM7565

I’m using qmicli commands to connect 2 EM7565 on the same Linux machine.
Everything is going well (I’m getting a connection from both of the cards and able to ping until I’m looking at the routing table and see only 1 default route to the first card that gets the connection.

If I’m adding the default route of the second card manually everything works fine, I would like to know why this happens. Is there a way to make it automatically?

You mean you need to add two interfaces as default route?

Btw, did you use dhclient to start dhcp request?

For your first question yes, but I know it is possible only if the metric of the second default route is different than 0.

I used udhclient is there a difference?

have you tried to create a rule to insert your command?

I got another answer form you support and they advised me to add a default route manually as I did.
So the problem is fixed, I just wanted to confirm this is the right way to handle it.

Thank you for the support!