MC7710 and MBIM/Windows8 support?


I noticed that MBIM/Windows8 support is announced for the EM7700, and I have also seen that there are signs of it in the MC7710 firmware I currently have, which is an older beta:

SWI9200X_03.05.08.00AP R4430 CARMD-EN-10527 2012/01/23 15:28:10

The feature is documented as not supported according to the release notes for that beta, though, so I have not dared testing it.

I know the correct answer is “ask your FAE”, but before I do that I am wondering if anyone could share any thoughts on what to ask and expect. Are there firmware releases (or betas) where MBIM is supported? From which version is that? Will there still be an AT command interface available for device management in MBIM mode? If not, how do I switch back from MBIM mode to normal mode?


Only your Account Managre or FAE can give any information if other firmware releases support MBIM or not.