MC7455 Roaming in Canada on Sprint

Hello All -

We are trying to get a MoFi router using module MC7455 to roam in Canada (on Rogers) using our Sprint plan. Does anybody have any insights on requirements for this? We have confirmed with Sprint techs that the plan is 100% confirmed to have the proper SOC codes to allow to roam, we are good carrier side. It seems like a hardware issue preventing it.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure how MoFi router was configured to use MC7455, you’d better check the module on a devboard first to see if roaming in Canada is okay with Sprint SIM. To just make sure your Sprint SIM has roaming enabled and works fine in Canada, you may want to test the SIM on a phone or tablet as well.

Few things:

  1. Please make sure the Sprint SIM is activated on Home network i.e. on Sprint network prior to testing in roaming coverage.
  2. Ensure data plan supports roaming in Canada
  3. Verify SIM does work in roaming scenario on an alternate device , perhaps a phone