MC7455 Modem is not able to make data-connection on Roaming (Roam Base Country)?

The objective is MC7455 should be able to make data-connection in HOME Base as well as in ROAM Base.
MC7455 Modem is not able to make data-connection on Roaming (Roam Base Country) when crosses border?
a. SIM Card Operator has already enabled Preferred Roaming setting for XYZ operator present in roam-base country.
b. APN configured in roam-base is same as that of Home-Base.
Do we need to configure anything extra in Modem Settings ? Is there any command for checking Roaming and Roaming related parameters ?

Hi @vikksviking,

You need to confirm with the operator which services are supported when roaming. In some cases, there are some ones limited in roaming

Also, need to confirm with operator, some case the APN is inconsistent in roaming

Thanks @Vianney !! We will double check with the operator !! Assuming everything is fine at operator end (chances are very high for the same) , do you foresee any settings which needs to be done on modem config.

Hi @vikksviking,
I think the above conditions are enough for roaming connection. Let feel free share any concerns you have and help us tick Solution under my response if it answers your question

@Vianney, thanks for your response !! Able to get some logs from Modem in question in ROAMING …
root@XYZ~#/opt/modem/ /dev/sierra-X-Y-ZZ ‘AT!gstatus?’
Current Time: 120^I^ITemperature: 23
Reset Counter: 2^I^IMode: ONLINE
System mode: WCDMA ^IPS state: Attached
WCDMA band: WCDMA 2100
WCDMA channel: 0
WCDMA L1 state:L1M_STOPPED ^ILAC: 4270 (17008)
RRC state: DISCONNECTED ^ICell ID: 00040401 (263169)
RxM RSSI C0: — ^I^IRxD RSSI C0: —
RxM RSSI C1: — ^I^IRxD RSSI C1: —

RRC State is DISCONNECTED and GMM (PS) state is DEREGISTERED with NO SERVICE. Any idea on this?


So I would run the attached MC-EM (464 Bytes) commands against the unit (its just a text file), this will give you a good idea about the state of the unit and what it can or cannot see.



Thanks @Vianney and @mlw …Issue resolved , looks like some APN tuning done by the operator