MC7455 Packet Sniffing / Dual Comm for log purpose

Module MC 7455
Is it possible to utilize both USB 2.0 UART and USB 3.0 simultaneously?
I.E. 2.0 UART for base communications and USB 3.0 for logging capabilities / engineering?

no you cannot.
why do you need USB3.0 for logging?

Ideally I am trying to log data packet loss.
trying to see if we can utilize a separate comm to device such as a wireshark applet

You don’t need 2 ports for that.

You can capture datapackets with tcpdump and read it with Wireshark:

Capturing RAW packets in bin mode (Wireshark readable format)
tcpdump -i eth1 -s 65535 -w ./tcpdump.pcap

OK. Thanks I will try that.

Regards,Evan Sutherland

Director of Technical Solutions



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