USB 3.0 adapter or not?

I am wanting to use the MC7455 with OpenWRT and my router that has both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Since the MC7455 is USB 3.0 based, is there a mini PCIe to USB adapter that is USB 3.0 or am I stuck with purchasing a USB 2.0 adapter and covering pins on the MC7455? Will using a 2.0 port have any effect in the end over using a 3.0 port? I have looked high and low and cannot find an adapter that is USB 3.0. Thanks.


Unless you are really pushing the envelope in terms of download rates typically speaking USB 2.0 is perfectly adequate. We have just seen the USB link start to become the limiting factor in maximum theoretical testing with a conducted link. The chances of getting those sort of conditions and resources against a real network are very low.



USB 3.0 is really needed. USB 2.0 does not support full duplex. Making 350 Mbit/s hard to achieve. Some carriers allow this kind of speed.

If I’m only looking to get 50-60 Mbps download then not having full duplex won’t matter?

Thank you all for your replies.