MC7455-How to use SIM do Authentication

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I am using MC7455 and Sierra SDK. My goal is to use SIM to do authentication. There is an API function "SLQSUIMAuthenticate ", I give nonce value to Data in request, while I received no content in the response:

Test Case 2 / 2 : Providing all parameters
Session Type : 0
APP ID Len : 0
Application ID :
Context : b
Data Len : 2c
Data : 2xZo130QaNeIX2jXwHZo18CeY6h6zYEBL/2LihJWLis=
Indication Token : 5
Return Code: 0 (0x0)
Return Reason: Success
SLQSUIMAuthenticate Successful
SW1 received from card :ff
SW2 received from card :ff
Content Len : 0
Content :
Indication Token : 5

Is the “Content” Authentication response value? How I can receive it?


If 0x12 TLV is preset then response is in QMI_UIM_AUTHENTICATE_IND. Please check the UIM spec for this.

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