MC7455: Get device information using C# under Windows 10

Hello everyone,

we are using MC7455 modules in most of our embeded video systems. As part of a new monitoring-/ ‘self healing’-mechanism I am currently developing a service that monitors reachability and connection state of those systems.

The service is written in C# (.NET) and the next step is to get device information from the MC7455 module like state, signal strength, RSSI, etc.

What I already tried:

  • using netsh mbn show interfaces: works well but I’d prefer a direct query through C# rather than calling a Windows command and parsing its output afterwards
  • using MbnApi.tlb: I downloaded the Win7 Mobile Broadband library and converted it to a C# library using Tlbimp.exe but haven’t had any luck getting anything from the device. Could someone give me a clue on how to use it correctly?

I also stumbled across the ‘new’ UWP Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators library which unfortunately

is only available to mobile operator apps and UWP apps given privileged access by mobile network operators.
Maybe there is a way to use it nonetheless but I haven’t found out yet (?).

My next best guess was getting the ‘official Sierra Wireless Windows SDK’ which does not seem to exist / is not made openly available. Or is it?

As you can see I am eager to get there but I could really use a nudge in the correct direction.

Ilyas Keskin

FYI, official Sierra Wireless Windows SDK is not avalable yet.