MC7455 Datasheet rev.15 Errata

In the MC7455 Product Technical Specs datasheet, (revision 15), page 62, under heading “PCM/I2S Audio Interface”, subheading “PCM”, there seems to be a note included from the author in the bulleted list.

The bullet reads “Auxiliary PCM This is in EM, is it in mc as well?”

Presumably this was an author’s/editor’s note to be reviewed and updated at a later time that ended up flattened into text and overlooked.

I’m posting on the forums as all ‘support’ roads seem to lead here regarding the MC modules. If this isn’t the place, may I also suggest a URL or link in the preface of datasheets to a form to “report an error”


Hi MatthewLange ,

Please contact your distributor or submit “Contact Us” on IoT Support and Downloads | Sierra Wireless for support.