MC7354 / MC7304 Audio and Certs

When will the firmware which supports PCM/I2C be available? ( and what version is it if it is available… )

Are the MC7354 / MC7304 FCC/CE certified? The MC7354 is marked with the 7355 FCC ID, and the MC7304 is not marked at all.


PCM is supported in the available FW versions.

Regarding I2C, it is planned to be supported in upcoming releases! And certifications… yes, it should be certified!


Cool. I meant I2S, but it sounds like we are talking the same language.

Dumb question, how do I get the most recent firmware?

Thanks a lot !

Please contact your distributor to get the FW!


What is the latest firmware version for MC7304?

umm i think
please confirm from your distributor!