Mc7455 data centric configuration

We use MC7455 modem.

With sunset of 3G networks, we may need to update devices to use data centric configuration (no voice). My understanding is that if VoLTE is not supported by carriers, LTE data connection will drop due to the voice connection (on 3G) not available, if the modem is not working under data centric mode. Will this be a problem for MC7455?

Is there a way or need to configure MC7455 to work in data centric mode? For example, any AT commands to achieve so or do we need a special PRI file for certain carriers from SWIR?

If carriers support VoLTE, do we need to worry about 3G sunset causing LTE connection to drop?

In data centric mode:
If LTE PS is attached, then connection will remain active even if CS fallback cannot be established. CS voice and SMS will not work when on an LTE only based network, but data will remain connected.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @gzhou,

MC7455 doesn’t support voice so i believe it will not cause connection drop. Please share if you have any concerns and help tick Solution under my response if it help to answer your question

Thanks @Vianney

How about SMS? Will it impact and cause PS to drop after 3G sunset? I saw SMS is supported from AT command reference of MC74xx.

Hi @gzhou,

It will base on your operator.

  • If they support SMS delivery CS fall-back. SMS service is handled adopting Circuit Switched fall-back(CSFB) technology. When the module places a call or send SMS, the device will fall-back to 3G network over SGs interface to complete the call or to deliver the SMS. Don’t like voice call, the SMS procedure is very short . It will not impact LTE connection I believe
  • If the operator support SMS over IMS communication, SMS is encapsulated in a SIP message and carried over IMS core network to SMSC. The IP Short Messaging Gateway (IP-SM-GW) network element provides the interconnection between GSM-UMTS network and LTE-EPC network for sending and receiving SMSes. The LTE connection will be preserved

Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick Solution if your question is answered

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