MC7455 connects with Barrier Breaker ZBT WE826 router



I don’t know if I can find any expert advices on my problem, but I will try my luck anyway. I am working to make MC7455 as 3G UMTS connection for my ZBT WE826 router using barrier breaker.

I have installed all-needed packages: kmod-usb-net-sierra, kmod-mii, kmod-usb-net, kmod-usb-wdm, kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan, uqmi as instructed in OpenWrt website.

But when I tried to set up 3G UMTS, there is no devices like /dev/ttyUSB2 found.
When I look at the devices (cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices), the end of every driver line says nothing found. But it can recognize my MC7455 is there.

Please anyone can help me, I have been so desperate on this issue for a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer me and if I can provide any other specific information.



You need kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm for /dev/ttyUSBx on that modem.

You are aware that Barrier Breaker is quite old, and mostly unmaintained by now? The current “OpenWrt” stable releases are the LEDE-17.01.x ones where a v17.01.5 release is imminent. There is also a new OpenWrt v18.06 release in preparation, but I that will likely take some more time to stabilize.

Don’t misunderstand me. It is absolutely possible to make the modem work with Barrier Breaker, but you are mostly on your own since all developers have moved on. And you will not get QMI to work in BB unless you build the drivers (either Sierras or backported qmi_wwan) yourself, since the MC7455 requires raw-ip support. MBIM mode might work, but I really don’t know. The BB kernel is very old…


Thank you very much for your suggestion DL5162. I switched to LEDE and everything is working nicely.


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