MC7430 - Receiving/reading SMS while connected with PPP under FreeBSD/pfSense


I have a MC7430 setup to use PPP under pfSense (FreeBSD).
When I want to read incoming SMS, I have to disconnect PPP to be able to send AT commands to /dev/cuaU0.2.

I’ve tried all othe ports /dev/cuaU0.x but it does nothing.
I also tried /dev/ttyU0.x with no success.

How can I keep PPP connected and read SMS in the mean time ?

Thanks in advance.

you might need to use CMUX over USB so that you will have two AT command ports

BTW, why don’t you use RMNET of the module instead of using PPP dial up?

Well I tried AT+CMUX? but it returns ERROR

And PPP is the way to connect with pfSense. Or if there are other ways, I don’t know :wink:

RMNET (QMI) does not require a Qualcomm license ?

We might not be able to use CMUX on MC7430:

Then you need to see if you can use MBPL:

Thank you for documentation about MBPL but I don’t think it will work on pfSense since it’s based on FreeBSD and not Linux.

Do you have some SDKs or resources for FreeBSD or any BSD systems ?

see if the MBIM interface is working fine for you:

Here says MBIM interface should be working fine with MC7455 with the extra script:

MBIM can be a solution.
There is a repo for a port of umb (MBIM) to FreeBSD. I tested it last year with another modem (Quectel) and it was not working.

But I’ll give it a try with my MC7430 and will see if I can fix the issue in the driver.