MC73xx DHCP issues on updated gobi drivers.


I’m running linux kernel 4.5.4 with an old S2.8N2.13 gobi driver and dhcpcd 5.6.8 to get the IP address. Using this driver version I can bring the modem up, start a data connection, get an IP address and send \ receive data. Unfortunately the GPS doesn’t seem to work on this driver version for the MC7304 and MC7354, nothing comes from the GPS port at all.

I updated to the latest S2.27N2.40 driver and now the GPS is working properly, however I now can’t get an IP address from dhcpcd. In the log I can see it is “waiting for carrier” then it times out. Went back to S2.20N2.27 which is the earliest available on Source and it still has the same problem with dhcpcd.

Interestingly I tried running the dhcpcd command manually on the command line after I had started the data session and it worked but it won’t work using vfork and execl.

Any ideas on what could potentially be going wrong would be much appreciated.