MC7355/EM7355 Newbie question

I’m looking to design a board with a few devices, possibly a micro controller, and a module MC7355/EM7355. I came across the following article:

I want to do exactly that. I want to put some application code that runs when the module boots on the apps processor of the MC7355/EM7355 to talk to the devices I2C/SPI/GPIO/USB and do some modem things and do some work. I’m kind of new to this area and would like to know where to start and how to put code on the apps part of the module. Any help or pointers would be appreciated greatly.

Thank you,

This is not possible with the MC series. You need to go for an Open AT enabled device like SL6087, SL8082T, Q2687RD or Q2698. Open AT is an application framework so that you can add your own C application in the module itself.