MC7354:- signal lost issue during Block Error Ratio test

Problem statment:-
While performing Block Error Ratio using Agilent 8960 connected to MC7354 modem, Agilent RF test equipment display’s an error
" WCDMA call disconnected: Signal lost on uplink DCH" and then
" WCDMA call processing error: No response to RRC Connection Setup"

After configuring RB test mode in Agilent and initiating the test, BER test is running for 5 to 6 min, all on a sudden it throws an error signal lost.
Is there is any timeout happening on MC7354 modem side for connection?
or does the test sim can be suspected?

I also attached pics of error and below are the AT commands used for setting the modem

  1. AT!ENTERCND=“A710”
  2. AT+CFUN=1
  3. AT!GBAND=400000