MC7354 - GPSOneXtra and Windows 8.1 - Updated

I am being challenged with getting GPS Data to be consumed by apps operating in Windows 8.1 Update 1. I have an MC7354 installed in a Dell Latitude 7240.

In Windows 7 on the same laptop - I was able to get GPSOneXtra working by opening a Putty session to the Sierra Wireless Modem COM4 and issuing an AT!GPSXTRAINITDNLD command. While I can still issue the command in Win8 and get an OK I noticed that GPS Monitor was showing no satellites obtained and could not fix a position

So while I could connect LTE Sessions via SkyLight or Win 8.1 native - the GPS Monitor app showed no satellites found and could not establish a GPS Fix Position. I opened a second Putty session to the NMEA Port (COM3) and saw GPS Output. Immediately the GPS monitor showed 14 Satellites found and was able to fix a position.

However - any GPS App - i.e Bing Maps, Google Maps or Nokia Here Maps - could not consume any of the GPS Data. Also as soon as I close the Putty session to the NMEA Port - all updates in GPS Monitor stop.

The Sierra Wireless Location Sensor does show up in Device Manager and is working properly. The Windows Location Provider is also there and I have tried various configurations of enabling or disabling the Windows service - but to no avail.

So any insights into why Windows 8.1 is not seeing or consuming data from the NMEA port would be appreciated. I have seen nothing in any of the readme or other files that have provided any guidance.



Which driver version you are using?

I am using the Generic Driver Setup Build 4110 posted on the SW site.

Specific Driver versions are:

Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem (COM4) = 13.12.1005.25
Sierra Wireless NMEA COM Port (COM3) = 13.12.1005.25
Sierra Wireless DM Port COM Port COM5 = 13.12.1005.25

All above dated 12/16/2013

Sierra Wireless Location Sensor= 14.5.1030.8 dated 5/1/2014