MC7354 AT command to send packet data

Hello, All,

I have installed MC7354 on my Ubuntu board. AT command works fine to /dev/ttyUSB2. By run "AT+“CGPADDR=1”, an IPv4 address is observed. How I could send data packets through the connection, i.e. “ping”? Is there an AT command to do that?



We do not have an accessible on board IP stack as you do with embedded modules, you need to be running an operating system. I suspect you are after the simplest way of running the unit. To do this check out the attached.


SWI Technical Note - Migration from DirectIP to RMNet on MC73xx Rev002.pdf (516 KB)

Matt: Thank you so much!

I am using GOBI Linux driver. The attached document is exactly what I needed.

I have another question about MC7354. I have seen 2 Ethernet interfaces shown. Does MC7354 support VoLTE? I am using SLQS04.00.02. Is there a callback for the event when a dedicated bearer is setup? I am wondering how my application will be noticed when to send VoLTE data packets.


Hi Matt,

The Pdf you have shared has couple of .txt file which are used to configure and build driver.
terminal.txt & interface.txt
I am unable to access them.
Can you provide me a link to access them.