EM7455 AT ping commands

Hi All!
I’m using a EM7455 module connected to a Linux embedded CPU. I want to test IPv6 capabilities for FCC homologation and they are asking me to show an IPv6 communication with an external server.
So, I’m able to send AT commands to the modem through Linux, using Microcon terminal:

$sudo microcom /dev/ttyUSB4

Than I can send AT commands to the module. I was able to configure the APN , but I couldn’t find a command to ping an external server.
When I used to have Gemalto modules, I was able to send to following commands to ping a server:
Answer: at^SICI: 1,2,1,“2804:18:70:843d:1:0:a67d:3dbb”
Answer: ^SISX: “Ping”, 1, 1, “2800:3f0:4001:80f::200e”, 43

How do I send ping commands to an external server using Sierra MC7455 modules?

I don’t see there is any AT command for ping purpose.
How about pinging from the linux platform?

That’s what I was afraid of. I was only able to ping from Linux platform using IPv4 - it seems it was compiled without the IPv6 package (since it is an embedded Linux and has processing and memory limitations).

How about using ping6 on busybox which can be run in your linux?