MC7304 maximum RX signal level


Due to location limitation device based on MC7304 must be located far from antennas.
Our ideas is to use booster/amplifier to gain signal from/to antennas.
On datasheet we can’t find maximum RX signal which can be served by MC7304?

Can somebody share this information with us?


Kindly refer to below mentioned links :

  1. PTS:

  2. AirPrime - Diversity and MIMO Second Antenna - Application Note

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Thank you for doc’s. Find some interesting information on it. But still can’t information
about maximum RX signal can handle MC7304 …

Let’s say it recieve RX signal about -20 dBm or for example 0 dBm?
Can it work after this or it will be broken?

Other things to consider before that:

  • Are you using proper, low-loss cable?
  • Are you using a high-gain antenna?
  • Is the antenna optimally sited and, if directional, well aimed ?