GR64 problem when placed too close to base station?


I am wondering is there any RF saturation at -30dBm for GR64 when the devices is placed very close to a base station?? Since we have some communication issue now when placed the units too close to the base station.

Please advise and anyone can help


You should be able to prove or disprove that theory quite easily by simply inserting an inline attenuator in the antenna lead?

That’s a bit vague: how close is “close”, and what sort of “issues”, precisely, do you have?

Remember that the base station’s radiation pattern is not uniform - you could quite probably be in a “dead spot” if you are directly beneath the antenna…

Maybe there’s an issue with minimum Timing Advance - you could try using AT+CCED to see if you can correlete exactly which parameter(s) relate to the onset of these “issues”…?


Thanks, actually, I can’t find the command AT+CCED, but there is a AT*E2EMM command for engineering monitor mode.

But I just wonder is there any document mentioned about the RX saturation level in the module. I find nothing in the document.
Please advise


Yes, I think that is the former Sony-Ericsson equivalent of Wavecom’s AT+CCED

And Siemens (or whatever they’re called today) had AT^SMONC…

No idea - I think you’d have to talk to your Distributor about that?

I guess it’s specified in the GSM standards…?