MBIM auto-connect in EM9191

Hi Community,

I was looking for ways to auto-connect EM9191 without the need of MM and NM. I came across the following link,
How to auto connect to network by MC7304 in Linux - #10 by shawn.hsiao. Where an interesting point was shared, if DHCP client is used, the modem would auto-connect. I had used the mbim-network to connect and udhcpc to assign IP to the wwan0 interface. The interface was up and traffic was flowing fine for the past few days. Later, I could see that IP lease was failing and the mbim-network status was showing as deactivated. Upon triggering the connect again, IP address was assigned and traffic flow had resumed.


Periodic IP renewal for every hour
udhcpc[3752]: wwan0: renew: IP= router= domain="" dns=“” lease=7200

lease fail
udhcpc[3752]: message repeated 102 times: [ wwan0: configuration failed: leasefail: ]
udhcpc[3752]: wwan0: configuration failed: leasefail:

udhcpc[3752]: wwan0: bound: IP= router= domain="" dns=“” lease=7200

I am not sure of what i am missing, can some help ? I had tried checking MBIM functionality with DHCP on MC7430, DHCP server is not supported on MC7430. I there any mbimcli or AT command to check if modem supporters dhcp server ?