Wrong usbcomp setting

Just got an EM9191 today and may have already bricked it. While configuring, I sent the wrong usbcomp command and now the modem is not recognized over usb.

Initial usbcomp was 1,4,00001009 (Diag, Modem, Mbim)

Set to a1,4,00001109 (Diag, Modem, Mbim, RmNet) which should have errored as the docs say it is an invalid combination.

DIAG – 0x00000001
• ADB – 0x00000002
• MODEM – 0x00000008 (mandatory)
• RmNet – 0x00000100 (Note: If RmNet is enabled, MBIM must be disabled.)
• MBIM – 0x00001000 (Note: If MBIM is enabled, RmNet must be disabled.)

Anyhow, after that the modem fails to recognize. I would have expected the modem to cycle interfaces and eventually just decide MBIM was the correct interface.

Anyone have thoughts on how to unbrick. I have done a lot of searching and most success stories seem to require that the modem at least displays in lsusb.


Dear @krimsonkla ,
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Have you tried to connect the module via PCIE port? How is the result
The problem was aware of Sierra dev team, it was fixed on Release 4.1