Maximum ("worst-case") TX Power in a faulty modem state ?


does anyone know, what the maximum possible Transmit power (e.g. for the MC7710) in an unintentional worst case modem failure state can be ( e.g. uncontrolled output amplifier, any other erroneous modem state) ?

I need to understand, what worst case interference we have to take into account , also with regard to human exposure restrictions for electromagnetic fields.
Is it possible to detect and react upon such an erroneous state ?
How long can this worst case power be present ?
How can this maximum TX power be calculated ?

Many thanks for any help!
Regards Torsten


I am not sure I understand hat you want. The maximum transmission power that any given unit will run is given in the products respective PTS. There are no recorded incidents of the unit entering a ‘fault’ condition and continuing to transmit, if they stop functioning as expected then they literally do that, stop.