making voice call using MC9090 on Android

Hello All,

I have PCM variant of MC9090, After applying “AndroidRIL_V4.4.1_ARM_4.4_V1.0_bin” changes in my android_4.4 source, I am able to see “usb0” device under network interface.

But How can I verify that my applied changes are correct?
I am unable to see “Mobile Networks” in setting and SIM card symbol in status bar (not even disabled).
Can I make call or send sms using default android dialer/message application, if my applied changes are correct?


Are you followed the integration steps as per the readme as it seems to be an integration issue… (usb0 is linked to the kernel itself and it seems to be ok. The mobile network settings options is something that has to be added in a xml file of the framework but it doesn’t seem to be properly ported ).

You can contact the technical support team if required…