Make request to Q2501B based system



I have an interesting question.

We have developed program for q2501b, every minute module sends to server data via GPRS.

It is not good for us.

Maybe somebody knows some sollution-event to make module waiting for some command-event, ant then start sending data.

As i know it is possible to start send data when module gets a call or sms.
Call takes to long, sms costs too much. Need other alternative.

Have anybody some ideas how to send a request to module?

Thanks a lot


One interesting question is: why have you put it in the GPS section?
There is nothing to do with GPS in anything you’ve said! :unamused:

What is “not good” about it?

Maybe they do!
But if they don’t know why you consider GPRS to be “not good”, how can they know if any other solution might be “better”?! :unamused:

If you’re using GPRS, it’ll have to be something TCP/IP-based.

Since TCP/IP is the basis of the entire internet, I’m sure there must be something there…!