MAC address?


I am not sure if this is the best place to ask.

How do I get the MAC address of my device, using Open AT ADL 3.02?



I don’t think it has a MAC address. It is no network card, is it?

If you integrated a GSM module in some embedded device that has also a network card, you’ll have to somehow make a serial connection to the rest of the system. In this case you may write some kind of protocol that if the modem sends a certain command the device driver will respond with the MAC address information… You will not have direct access to the components in your device if they are not part of the GSM module.

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Thanks Jan,

but I don’t follow.

the modem uses the IEEE 802.3 stack for Ethernet networks? so it has to have it.

Does it?! :open_mouth:

I didn’t think Wavecom made any Ethernet modems?

They may have a TCP/IP stack - but not Ethernet

What Wavecom device are you using?

IEEE 802.11x for wireless networks.

Do you know how to get the MAC address, awneil???

Make your mind up!

Again, is this a Wavecom modem :question: :question:

Wavecom make GSM modems - this is a wireless (radio) network - but completely unrelated to IEEE wireless LANs!! :open_mouth:

Please state the exact make & model of the modem you’re talking about.

I s’pose the nearest equivalent of a MAC address in a GSM network would be the IMEI :question:

It’s not about me making up my mind. Obviously I don’t know.

You could help by stating what make & model of modem you’re using.

Then someone who does know would be able to identify it, and tell you whether or not it does have a MAC address and, if it does, how to read it. :unamused:

It is a Q24PL001 model, GSM version.

I think the +CGSN at command that gives the IMEI is what I am looking for.

Thanks a bunch.

Documentation is here: … 4NewFamily

and there is no ethernet interface - so no MAC address.