LX40: Bridging from Wi-Fi to Eth

Model LX40

The local addressing defaults as follows:
Eth: 192.168.13.
USB: 192.168.14
WiFi: 192.168.17.

Without activating the bridge option to dump both Eth and WiFi on .13, can I access .13 devices from a WiFi connected device (.17) through setting changes?

Hi @Gary.Hodges
Could you please refer to below section for your request
For more detail, please refer to Section 5 - Wi-Fi Configuration on page 125 in the link below:


Thank you for the pointer. I have read through Section 5, Wi-Fi Configuration, and the only mention I see of the Bridge option and/or routing between interfaces is on Page 136. Cut-n-paste follows:

Bridge Wi-Fi to Ethernet
This field allows you to create a unified bridge (virtual interface) between the AirLink
router’s Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces.
Options are:
• Enable—the Ethernet interface and the Wi-Fi interface share the same subnet. The
Wi-Fi devices get their DHCP IP addresses from the Ethernet pool (when Ethernet
DHCP is enabled). This allows routing between all LAN devices.
• Disable—Wi-Fi is a separate LAN subnet from the Ethernet LAN. There is no routing
between the two interfaces and their connected devices. (default)

It looks like routing between interfaces is not possible. If I’m wrong, please advise as being able to do so is my preferred option over setting Bridging to Active.

Hi @Gary.Hodges
According to what I tested on my device, when you enable the Bridge Wi-Fi to Ethernet feature, devices connected via Wi-Fi will have the same subnet as devices connected via Ethernet on the LX40 Airlink and those devices can ping each other (example: Device connected via Wi-Fi will be assigned IP address, device connected via Ethernet will be assigned IP address


That is what I discovered as well, and is what I’m doing as I visit our stations. I’d prefer the WiFi on a different subnet, but I can live with the bridging option as I have to be able to talk between WiFi and Eth connected devices. Thanks for the response.