Airlink LX40 not broadcasting SSID

On a AirLink LX40, the SSID is not broadcasting. I can connect to the Gateway via network cable. I can access the web interface of the Gateway and can connect to the internet while directly wired in, but I cannot see the SSID. I also am not able to find where to enable or reenable the SSID from broadcasting. I have factory reset the Gateway, as well as updating both firmware, AELOS and radio firware.

Hi @larryhardesty

The Wi-Fi feature is an optional on LX40. If you have an AirLink LX40 with Wi-Fi, click the Wi-Fi tab to view and configure the Wi-Fi.

On the left menu, select SSID1.

You need to contact to Sierra Wireless support as below link to get SKU LX40 for WI-FI feature.

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