LTE CA active band selection

How does RV50X / MC7455 select which band is the active frequency band when there are multiple bands and CA in the area? Is it just based on signal strength or is there other congestion metrics involved?

I’m sometimes seeing band 3 as the active band, sometimes band 20. Seems like band 20 has a stronger signal but it has more traffic and CA doesn’t work when this band is selected as the active band. Rebooting the router sometimes causes it to select band 3 as the active frequency band and then speeds are a lot better and also CA activates when there is high traffic for a while.

Is there a way I can influence the router to always try to band 3 first?

There is at!lteca I think. But right now there is no method to select your primary band.

How is at!lteca used? I couldn’t find any reference in the manuals. Command reference guide mentions it being removed at some point. The router responds with just ‘OK’ when sending ‘at!lteca?’.

Actually looks like CA works with either band as the primary, but for some reason the router sometimes needs rebooting to get back to CA. I’ve set nightly reboot to see if it sticks on CA better.

Yeah documentation is outdated on this command.

The active band is the band you use for upload. So depending on how congested it is your upload might suffer. So a selection on which band is the upload band would be very good.