LTE Band 68 on EM7565?


Could the band 68 be enabled by firmware on the EM7565 modem?


There is no such band in this module

Thanks for the quick reply!
I see it isn’t, but can it be added into a future firmware release?

Both bands are kind of overlapped:

Band 28: UL–> 703-748 / DL–> 758-803
Band 68: UL–> 698-728 / DL–> 753-783


i don’t even see B68 here:

And I don’t see any module is supporting this B68:

It’s a band that has recently been added for Public Safety applications

Please, any update on the possibility to enable EM7565 to support B68?

not sure how to support this if there is no such radio option
you need to contact distributor to start the feasibility study